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How it all started:

In April 2015, my wife Pia and I just couldn’t find the range of music we enjoyed to compliment our evening meal while in the comfort of our own home. Every time we tried to find something on the Internet it ended up being pigeonhole music, not eclectic enough or complementary for our tastes and the chosen lifestyle we’d strived to achieve.

I made Pia a promise that I’d start our own online radio stream. Jazz Republic Radio (JRR) was born. This started an adventure that achieved JazzRepublicRadio.eu being heard globally in 71 countries achieving over 200+ hours per day on the Radionomy platform. Winning a lot of peer support and even having the JRR stream played live in Paris at Salon de la Radio in 2016.

Jump forward to 2017. I’d met Andrew Read previously, he knew of my success with JRR. Andrew and I became business partners in 2017 and formed Jazz In Europe Media Group (JEMG). Which also includes Jazz In Europe.com which has also grown in a manner that is heartening, to say the least.

Over the last twelve months, we have been diligently working in the background to re-vamp Jazz Republic Radio including finding a new stream host that meets our needs.

Now: Jazz Republic Radio is now back on-air.

Jazz Republic Radio (JRR) has now become part of the JEMG family. JRR is a perfectly suited companion platform to further enhance the premier quality and the continuous developing growth of Jazz In Europe Media Group (JEMG).

Our hand-picked, growing program schedule, key artist articles, and CD reviews. Over the coming months, we have lots planned with new shows and presenters joining the platform. So… make us part of your daily routine and tune in to Jazz Republic Radio and the growing JEMG family.

The name Jazz Republic Radio and its logo are based around the word Republic – meaning equality (the global community of Jazz based music lovers and the Republic of music and its ability to inspire learning). JazzRepublicRadio – Anything goes with Jazz, anytime!

– Nigel J.

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